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With eCommerce spreading like wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search of information. Below are a few of my on-going projects. 

A slice of my life…

I couldn’t wait to move to Austin in 1983 (two weeks after graduating from high school) to attend university and study business. Technology has changed dramatically since then, and so has this once sleepy college town.

After working most of my life in business development within the SaaS space, I decided to go back to university again to study web development. I started this path by successfully completing the Full-Stack Web Development Program through The University of Texas at Austin.

I like to see people smile after they learn something new. I believe web development and web design are equally important and should focus solely on the user experience.

My most recent “Side project” began by acquiring an e-com business in mid-2019. Thankfully, this little company continues to grow and support many good causes.

My previous “Dream Job”: I worked as a Dolphin Trainer (Behaviorist) at SeaWorld® during the late 80s; however, I’m much more of a conservationist these days.

Thanks for stopping by…

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Email is generally the best way to reach me. You can see my photography on Unsplash. Danke schön!